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“Twilight”: Redux

By now, I like to think I’ve made my feelings about “Twilight” — the series in general and the WHYGODWHYDIDTHEYMAKEIT? movie in particular — pretty obvious. I am not only a member of the Society of Twilight Haters, I am the founder of the South Carolina chapter. And based on post comments from yesterday’s review of “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” I’m even considering filming my own version involving the cheerful demise of Bella and Edward a) vaporized by Godzilla’s nuclear firebreath or b) pealed by Kong and eaten like an underripe banana. 

So naturally, when I found this YouTube clip, it cried out for posting. Watch, enjoy and then pause, taking a moment to marvel at just how much better this video is than the actual movie.


9 Responses

    • Genius! Great link. Yeah, I agree the “Twilight” spoof was too long … yet still managed to be so much more watchable than the actual movie.

  1. I don’t hate “Twilight”. I hate the fans of “Twilight” for blowing the movie up to be the best movie franchise ever. It’s certainly is not.

  2. Take a look at this:

  3. They just keep coming!

  4. Twilight Haters Unite!

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