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Say it ain’t so, Johnny!

Cry, cry, cry.

That’s exactly what this blogger — and, I imagine, legions of like-minded fans — will be doing after “Two Lovers” leaves theaters. Why? Well, it appears that Joaquin Phoenix (one of the best actors in Hollywood, in my opinion) will, in his own words, “quit the business” of acting after the romantic drama is released.

Phoenix, who’s played memorable roles such as Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line,” a tortured priest in “Quills,” a wily, apathetic soldier in “Buffalo Soldiers,” and a wimpy Roman ruler in “Gladiator,” made the announcement yesterday, claiming he’s retiring to pursue music. (See http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/joaquinphoenix_blog.html for the full story.)

Great. That’s EXACTLY what the world was missing: another actor who fancies himself a musician. Joaquin, I’ve got two words for you: Bruce Willis. I’m sure your CD collection overfloweth with Bruno albums.

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