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It’s all coming up Carell

In terms of “big weeks,” the size of Steve Carell’s has been, in a word, “incalculacable.”

E! Online reported today that The “Daily Show” alumnus-turned-bumbling “Office” boss Michael Scott has signed on to star in a Napoleonic Wars spoof — “The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard” — penned by the writers of “Blades of Glory” (one of the better stupid Will Ferrell sports comedies released in recent years, IMHO). Maybe this can help everyone forget — and, Carell fans, we must all agree to forget — the horrendous mess that was “Evan Almighty.” Plus, it’s high time a Napoleonic Wars spoof featuring the superb comedic stylings of Dunder-Mifflin’s finest came along.

And speaking of Dunder-Mifflin: Carell has renewed his contract to play the Good Boss (one, of course, who gruntles the disgruntled) for another three years.

How do I feel about all this? Well, you might say it’s left me satisfied and smiling.