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The blog-a-thon blitz continues

Righteous dude Mike, owner of the cleverly named You Talking to Me?, has hatched an excellent idea for a blog-a-thon called “27 Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck!” I can’t say much more — I suspect I’d suffer a “mysterious disappearance” if I did — except that a lot of my favorite bloggers are participating and I’ll even get to have my say-so.

Hungering for more? Here’s the word straight from the host’s mouth:

“It’s a list of great movies that made going to the movies suck. So I’ve created a list of very influential and (for the most part) … good films that have spawned countless, lazy, stupid, weak imitators all trying to capture or cash-in on the same magic but failing miserably, making movie going, as a whole, suck for (like that period in the late ’90s after ‘American Pie’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’ led to stuff like ‘Whipped,’ ‘Tomcats,’ etc.).”

Visit Mike’s blog daily over the next few weeks to see the latest entry and keep any eye out for mine…