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What’s a little ambiguity among flixsters?

Perhaps unwittingly, I think that Darren, that movie blogger paragon of nerditude and film erudition, has created a brilliant idea for a doctoral thesis with his clever and flawlessly argued post on the ambiguous ending of “The Usual Suspects.” Now that’s a paper — and even a book! — I’d fight off a few patrons at the local library to read. Probably better see about copyrighting that great idea, Darren, or UCLA’s film school is going to see a puzzling influx of “Usual Suspects”-themed theses. Turnitin.com will go wild.

But back to Darren’s post. He has crafted a most excellent argument, a real thinker that forces us to re-examine our assumptions of the film’s ending based on actual hard evidence — of which, you’ll have to admit, there’s not much. Or any, really. That’s a fairly revolutionary notion when you’ve spent heaps of time walking around all puffed up and certain — in that slightly demoralizing “Sixth Sense” way — about the movie’s last 10 minutes. His suggestion that we look closer at what’s really there has opened up “The Usual Suspects” in ways I didn’t think were possible. It’s like a new movie again.  

So long story short, give the post a gander and formulate your own opinions about who Keyser Soze really is. Just remember, though, that in the end? No matter who he is, he’s always the guy that’s gonna get ya.