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Why Feds are like mushrooms

Don't cross Frank, or he'll cap you and make fun of the way your corpse falls.

Knowing my affinity for all things Scorsese in general and “The Departed” in particular, Andrew of Encore’s World of Film fame asked me, Darren and Heather to shower praise — er, I mean objective commentary — on the many merits of the Oscar-approved best film of 2006. Click here or on the photo to read our reasons why “The Departed” is better for you than cranberry juice during that certain time of the month.

Who’s going to be the lucky farmer?

Me, Yojimbo and Walter from Silver Screening Room, as it turns out! Andrew, creator of Encore’s World of Film, is counting down his top 10 films, and us three bloggers — a diverse crew, we be — offered some thoughts on his No. 8 pick, the 30-something angst classic “The Big Chill.” If you’re ready to submerge yourself in ’80s nostalgia, click on the photo above or visit Andrew’s post.