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My thought on today

One, two, Kelly Leak’s comin’ for you…

If you’ve been wondering what’s scarier than Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland,” I have your answer.

It’s Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger! Check out the movie poster that surfaced on the Internet:

This still evokes one feeling in my psyche of psyches, and that feeling is: “Eek.”

This shot doesn’t summon a feeling so much as a desire to pull my blankie out of storage, crawl under my bed, ruin a perfectly good pair of underpants and cry for my mommy.

As someone still haunted by Robert Englund’s menacing glibness, I was skeptical about a remake … until I heard none other than JEH was stepping in as the mechanical-fingered sadist fiend. He was creeptastic in “Little Children” as a child molester, and he made for a very scary chaotician/vigilante in “Watchmen.” JEH has that Englund-ness about his piercing eyes, and I suspect that whatever shortcomings (a no-name cast; a director who has trafficked exclusively in music videos) the movie has won’t be due to his performance.

S0, non-Freddy fans, here’s a request from yours truly: Go see the remake in April 2010 to support the Jackie Earle Haley Renaissance hitting Hollywood. This is one actor with unparalleled talent, and we must encourage him.