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5 Responses

  1. Wow, that was definitely one of the worst films I had ever seen. It tried to so hard to be funny and raunchy. The moment that I realized that it went beyond terrible involved a scene with Selma Blair, genital piercings, and one of the worst ballads ever from Aerosmith.

  2. Wooot. I actually like this movie a lot. Overwrought on occasion, but almost always well intended and often hilarious.

  3. Haha have to agree with Andrew k. I loved this when I was younger.

  4. I hope you’re celebrating something fun, Meredith 😀 Never seen that movie though.

    • @ Steven — Actually, I’m going to have to go with Andrew K. on this one. I have a soft spot for “The Sweetest Thing” because I like Christina Applegate and thought she was terrific. The movie itself isn’t outstanding, but it’s got some funny parts and I didn’t find Cameron Diaz too repulsive.

      @ Rtm — I got to see my best friend who lives several states away … although we ended up at a theme park in 95-degree heat instead of drinking martinis!

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