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Casting pods

Award-winning blogger and podcaster Mad Hatter (don’t be bashful, sir; you know you earned that LAMMY) invited me to be his guest for Matineecast Episode 36. Visit his blog to hear us rave about “Bridesmaids,” bag on “Bad Teacher” and have a shared nerdgasm on the Ryan Reynolds-Nathan Fillion-“Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place” connection.

7 Responses

  1. Cool to hear your voice on the podcast! You really should check out Tree of Life, its meant to be seen on the big screen, one of the best I’ve viewed all year. I can’t remember if you liked 2001: A Space Odyssey , but it has the magnificence and ambition of Kubrick’s film, and could also become a classic .

  2. Listened to it! Definitely check out the Tree of Life, looking forward to your take on it.

  3. Great stuff … I’ve already listened to it twice.

    • @ moviesandsongs365 — I did like “2001” (though I’m still not quite sure what the ending was all about). From what I’ve heard about “Tree of Life,” I think I’ll like that one too. I like movies where the “action” is nothing more than life happening to characters.

      @ Sam — I’m impressed. I’ve only made it halfway through once. Maybe that’s because I still can’t believe I copped to liking “Gigli.”

  4. Or not liking Nascar haha 😀

  5. @ Meredith… Thanks again for making a return appearance! I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed our friendly back & forth. Perhaps I should make your guest spot an annual occurance:

    The Oscar show, The birthday show, the Thanksgiving show, the Year-end show and the Meredith show! What say you?

    @ Everyone Else… Thanks for listening!

    • @ Sam — Yes, it’s a good thing that Hatter’s audience is small in South Carolina; otherwise that Nascar bit would have earned me a beatdown in the Walmart parking lot for sure.

      @ Hatter — I’m game!

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