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These past few months, I tell you what…

The beauty of being Southern is that the phrase “I tell you what…” is a complete thought. It appears not to say anything when really it says everything that can be said. Those four words are all-purpose and all-encompassing. So by “I tell you what…” I mean that February-May have been … trying. Fraught with anxiety and worry. Filled with realizations about hard, unwelcome life truths. A learning exercise in cancer and cancer treatment terminology I never want to repeat but know I will have to someday. An upcoming 30th birthday (see “hard, unwelcome truths” above). So for the rest of June I’m going to take a breather — just a little time to do some thinking, soul-searching and nerve-regenerating (the emotional kind, not the I’m-growing-back-my-severed-arm kind). But it’s inevitable that I’ll be back, since I can’t seem to stop scribbling movies.

Until then, I tell you what…