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News that is the opposite of good (but it isn’t all bad, either)

Remember way back in 1998 when “One True Thing” came out? I never cared for it at first. Then a subsequent viewing revealed layers of meaning I hadn’t bothered to notice before, both in the performances of the actors (especially Meryl Streep) and in the story. Kate’s cancer isn’t so much a plot point as it is a catalyst that moves her family members to different kinds of action. In the process all the lies and bullshit and half-truths get pushed aside, and people become who they pretend they are not. The truth comes out. Cancer can be as great a revelator as time.

Maybe the reason I can see this aspect of the film now so clearly is the same reason I’ve been absent for several weeks: My family has been dealing with a lung cancer diagnosis, and of course the one way I know to explain it is to couch it in movie terms. So for those few of you who are still hanging on to this now-sporadic blog, thank you for your patience, and I hope that you can find time (hey, there’s not always much new stuff to read here!) to send a few good thoughts our way. I hope to get back to reviewing movies soon, if only as a way to retain my sanity.