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My thought on today

9 Responses

  1. Your “Thought on the Day” series seems to worry me more and more with every new entry

  2. I wonder – if she took that chair apart, and her shoes off – what sort of sculpture she could create …? It’d be cool if someone gave her some paint and super glue.

  3. Oh cool, now we’re all dead in seven days.

  4. …you haven’t possessed a video tape have you?

    • @ neftwink — I believe this child could benefit not from paint but from those therapy dolls shrinks give kids to take out their anxieties on.

      @ Unrulytravller — Indeed. Best make peace with your dear and fluffy lord now.

      @ Dan — No, but my dog is acting more and more like me these days. Maybe I’ve possessed her.

  5. Great ones being posted for the month of October. You’re a very festive blogger.

  6. yeah now youre just scaring me Carter

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