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My thought on today

8 Responses

  1. I think I would have liked this movie–Sid Haig as an evil clown?!?!–but the end just killed it for me, and not just the extended shoot-out to “Free Bird,” but also the fact that the Sheriff was an idiot and totally seemed to change his character/behavior in a totally inorganic way that was just meant to fit the script.

    • I hate clowns as a general rule, but Haig sold it for me. However, I agree with you about the movie — “House of 1,000 Corpses” was so bizarre I don’t know how I felt about it (probably not good), and “The Devil’s Rejects,” though a better movie, still didn’t win me over. I just thank God Sheri Moon Zombie stopped giggling every five seconds for “Rejects,” because I spent most of “Corpses” wanting to shoot her square in the head every time she laughed.

  2. Really dug Devil’s Rejects, thinking a lot of that has to do with the Allman Brothers that plays throughout. Great opening credits set to Midnight Rider. Never seen 1,000 Corpses, doubt I ever will, but I still can’t believe I liked a Rob Zombie movie.

    • Yup, the folk music as well as the best use of Freebird in a film made this movie a big hit for me.

      Thought he’d carry this over to his Halloween remake…but no:(

  3. I normally don’t care for clowns but this guy… scared me. ::chills::

  4. Urrrg, the disturbia of clown madness!

    • @ Aiden — Unless you’re tripping on acid, no need to see “1,000 Corpses.” Actually, skip the acid and see the movie. The movie won’t stay in your system for years and years.

      @ Franz — I hate all clowns. No exceptions.

      @ Heather — See above. Thank you, “It” and especially “Zombieland” for introducing me to the possibility that there could be EFFIN’ ZOMBIE CLOWNS.

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