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B***h session

Blake of Bitchin’ Film Reviews fame hosted a most righteous Q&A with Reel Whore, Mistress Movie Moxie, Filmgeek and me. The question revives ye olde Desert Island Dilemma: Pick the three films you’d gladly spend the rest of your life watching on a desert island (as luck would have it, the faulty plane you were on was full of movies). Among us four, there are shoutouts to “Gidget” and “Practical Magic” and that real chucklefest “Magnolia.” Read the post to find out who picked what, or click on the photo above.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the plug! And thanks for participating!

  2. Hey M. Carter,

    As if I wasn’t demanding enough all ready, I’ve tagged you in the latest meme making the rounds. Feel free to participate if you have the desire.

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