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My thought on today

8 Responses

  1. Planning on exhuming a president’s grave today and smoking his remains?

  2. It might just be the sleep depravation, but this gave me a wicked laugh this morning. Thank you for that!

  3. I saw this movie in the theater at a free screening. My friend and I showed up a little late so we couldn’t properly prepare and we had to sit in the front row, but we still laughed and laughed.

    I watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back for the umpteenth time tonight…Now there’s one for TTC.

    • @ Aiden — Millard Filmore’s on my list. Why? Because no one ever remembers he was U.S. president. Maybe smoking him would make me mysterious.

      @ Mad Hatter — “How High” is funny, I don’t care who you are. I mean, how can you NOT laugh at a film that includes the line “it looks like the skid mark of Buddha”?

      @ Unrulytravller — For a pot/bro comedy, I think it has moments of surprising cleverness. Method Man and Redman have some genuinely good comic timing and chemistry as a buddy duo. It’s just too bad about the movie’s ending, which I consider the ultimate WTF? conclusion.

  4. I’m a Half Baked guy myself. This never appealed to me.

  5. Shiaaat, what’s that now?

  6. I have yet to watch a drug comedy. Unless Harold & Kumar count.

  7. This movie simply rocks, I give it a 10/10 ! Its sad that neither Method nor Red did much good later on.

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