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My thought on today

9 Responses

  1. I really hope you’re on a jet right now waiting to take off… lookin’ as cool as Mr. Eagle man 😉

  2. See, I thought you were just going to welcome some alien race to earth while smoking a cigar. Shows what I know.

  3. … And defeat them with a Mac.

    Seriously, the Mac can’t interface with anything on Earth, but you fly it up to an alien mother ship and just plug it right on in!

  4. You just mounted your F/A-18 fighter jet and are about to be catapulted from the USS John C. Stennis to kick some Alien Ass?

  5. The dawn of Will Smith’s movie stardom. Funny that Michael Bay thought Bad Boys is what did it.

    • @ Darren — Ha! I never noticed the Mac before — good call.

      @ Castor — Yes, these aliens I gave a beatdown. If only the ones in “Signs” had stuck around longer, I could have shown them a little “Southern hospitality” too!

      @ Fitz — That just goes to show how obtuse Michael Bay really is. He probably really believed the jive-talkin’ robots were cool, too.

  6. Now that’s what I call a close encounter….

  7. P.S. My dreams have come to fruition as ID4 us on the Netflix instant stream …. no more waiting for a holiday weekend on TBS and/or USA and/or TNT and/or Lifetime and/or SyFy

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