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My thought on today

12 Responses

  1. Ahhh Meredith, I’m going to see it today!

  2. Have you seen it yet? It’s not playing here in Liberec at the moment, but I am really interested to know what you thought of it.

  3. Ross McD thought this was very very bad.
    which must mean its very very very very bad

  4. Poor Scott Pilgrim, how did it lose to this and Eat, Pray, Love?

  5. Which one are you? haha

  6. Just saw it yesterday! Wasn’t too enamored with it 😦

    • Wasn’t terrible but just wasn’t what I expected. I thought with all that muscle they would have been able to make something better than a B-Movie…but it was unavoidable.

  7. I enjoyed it when I saw it on Friday.

  8. We’ve all had a day like this, I’m sure, one day where we felt like we were tiny Chinese men held at knife point by a large Swedish man, who is being held at gun point by a large (but smaller than the Swede) Italian American man.

    I sympathize.

  9. So… manly… Must resist urge… to… growl at screen…

    • @ McG – “Very bad” in this context means “awesomely bad.” You must see this movie.

      @ Fitz – How did “Eat, Pray, Love” top the charts anyway? Probably because women flocked to it hoping to see Javier Bardem nekkid.

      @ Castor and Marc – Knowing Stallone, I wasn’t expecting an A film even with all the big names he signed up. I think that’s a little unrealistic for Stallone. He was out to make a flat-out action film and he did. I quite liked it in a TTC kinda way.

      @ Andrew – Yes! I my very ownself got beaten up by a little ninja and blonde behemoth just last week…

      @ Darren – Oh, Darren, you know you want to have a mangasm.

  10. I saw this film as more “Clash of the Titans” bad, than “Prince of Persia” bad – Entertainingly camp, but no ultra distracting bad haircuts!

    I just wished Sly would have said “Release the kraken!”.

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