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Hello, all — before D-Day drops next week and the second job starts, I need a break from typing and writing and computers and sitting in chairs (you know you’re getting old when you have to see a spine specialist), so I’m going to take one. However, I’m amassing a storehouse of reviews to send your way soon whenever I can. Until that day…

9 Responses

  1. Good luck, by the way. Thinking of taking a bit of a breather myself.

  2. Enjoy your break from the internets and blogging and such and know that we will be here, waiting with baited breath, for your return. I for one shudder in antici–pation (said in the best Dr. Frankenfurter way that I can muster).

  3. A well-deserved break indeed.

  4. Have a good break, M.

  5. You are a liar and a slight copycat. Asshole.

  6. Enjoy your break Meredith. We all deserve one. It’s strange how you feel guilty for being away from the blogsphere isn’t it?
    I know I feel like I’ve ignored my friends when I disappear. But there is nothing wrong with joining the world of living and breathing. Also, maybe not being painfully pale during August would be nice! ha!

  7. Enjoy your break and rest up:)

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