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Good. Bad. I’m the woman with two jobs.

I have to interrupt our regularly scheduled movie scribbles to pass on an announcement (everyone stay calm; this is no time to whirl into a “that tornado tore my trailer in half!” panic). As y’all know, this blog is a labor of love for me, a respite from the 9-5 routine. Over the past year I’ve kept up a pretty regular schedule of posting four-five weekdays. That may have to change soon, as I’ve taken on a part-time job in addition to my full-time one. So in the coming months my posting may become more sporadic, and you may start seeing more weekend in posts in lieu of the usual Monday-Friday reviews. But I swear on my boomstick I’ll keep doing the best I can to get posts out there every week. Because it’s what I love to do, and also because Armond White has named our people — that’d be the movie bloggers — anarchists out to ruin the world of formal film criticism.

Hey, I always wanted to be an anarchist. My mom will be so proud.

11 Responses

  1. Good luck with your part time job ( :

  2. Well Congratulations on having two jobs! These days it’s difficult for some people to keep even one. Your magnanimous wondrous personality must exude into the world of professionalism as well. I hope you still find the time to enjoy this outlet. We all enjoy your words, but as a busy woman myself, I know how important it is to have the outlet of creativity. Life is decidedly less stifled when you do.

    Cheers and best of luck.

  3. Man, fuck Armond White. Can’t stand that guy.

    Kick some ass at the second gig, we’ll still be checking in regularly.

  4. Good for you, miss Carter, more power to ya! It’s amazing you can keep up with this tremendous blog of yours even with one full time job!

    It’s not quantity, it’s quality, which is what your blog already has.

  5. Um…sorry? Congratulations?

    Kick some part-time ass, then. And there was never any doubt us movie bloggers were stone-cold badasses. Just ask out moms.

  6. We’ll take what we can get from the blogger of the year! 🙂

  7. Two jobs!? You are bringing down the unemployment rate all by yourself! Obviously, real life takes priority over the virtual world but we hope to see you churning out a few posts a week at least 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the second job – is that something you congratulate someone for? As for your output, I think we’ll all take what we can get. Any is better than none.

    Anarchy on the bloghsphere!

    • @ Heather — Yeah, the creative outlet is a necessity for anyone who, you know, doesn’t want to end up on top of a water tower picking people off with an M-16. It keeps us sane!

      @ Ruth — As always, you are too kind. Have you thought about becoming a motivational speaker? 🙂

      @ Simon/Ripley — I’ll take the congrats. I’d rather have one job that pays all the bills, but what can you do? We’ll see how this goes.

      @ Castor — Oh, you’ll be getting posts every week. If I can’t post, I suspect I’ll lose my grip on reality and end up in some strange, “Inception”-like world.

  9. Good luck with your new job:) I’m sure you’ll still produce many great posts.
    P.S. Don’t work too hard, all work and no play and all that…

  10. As long as they continue to be good posts, the wait will be worth it.

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