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Scarlett O’Hara — she was a bit of a twerp, wasn’t she?

This is just one of the many scenes that could have been improved if Mammy had thwacked Scarlett over the head with a broom.

As long as I live, those words will remain my favorite description of the dippy heroine — that’s right, I said it! Go on and revoke my Deep South Membershippin’ Card! — of “Gone with the Wind.” They came from the mouth of Mad Hatter, the Movie Mouth of Ontario and podcaster extraordinaire who is not the least bit concerned with not winning the LAMMY for Best Blog. Hatter kindly asked me to appear as a guest on his award-winning Matineecast a Southern little while — which, Southerners will tell you, is anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 weeks — ago. It took a “wedding” and a “road trip” (possibly both imaginary) and a whole mess of e-mailing, but Hatter and I got our acts together and finally recorded the episode. So if you’re just pantin’ to hear us prattle on about “Inception,” rant about one particularly uppity New York Press film critic and explore our mutual distaste for “Gone with the Wind,” visit Hatter’s blog to hear Matineecast Episode 17.

17 Responses

  1. …and a delightful guest you were! Thanks again for chattin’ with me, it all turned out quite nicely.

  2. Yea, I really don’t like Gone With the Wind either and my big reason is the O’Hara character.

  3. I’m so glad that we’re collectively moving past Gone With the Wind as a people. Some amazing direction, to be sure, but I’ve seriously watched a 16-hour film that felt less goddamn long and arduous as this thing.

    • @ Mad — It was a pleasure coming on even if it took us forever to get to brass tacks! I look forward to the next time.

      @ James — Scarlett might be one of my all-time least favorite heroines. She uses her looks to get what she wants; she’s phony and flimsy and fickle; she only wants what she can’t have; she’s spoiled and narcissistic. She does NOT epitomize Southern women!

      @ Jake — You being Southern and all, that means a lot! I thought I was the only one of Our People who hated the longness of the film and the manipulative, wishy-washy main character.

  4. I’ve been saying this for years: “Gone With The Wind” is a brutal sit & it’s star is completely despicable. What the hell does Rhett Butler see in her? He’s a totally cool ladie’s man, but yet he’s hung up on this materialistic hooker? Give me a break.

    Man…to think people had trouble believing Katherine Heigl would hook up with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up. That makes more sense than Rhett & Scarlett.

  5. Ughhh Gone With the Wind is so LAME. I disliked it when I first saw it, and if anyone tries to change my mind about it I can never justify giving it another 4 hours of my life to re-assess. It probably would still suck.

    Listening to the episode right now, loving your input!

    • @ C-C — THANK YOU. Why any man would go for a capricious chick like that baffles me. Rhett Butler could do so much better.

      The fact that you called her a “materialistic hooker” just made my day. 🙂

      @ Alex — All these haters are coming out of the shadows now. I love it. I don’t feel so bad about my animosity anymore! Another of my gripes with the film is Ashley — what a wuss. He acts like Scarlett’s lapdog, and despite the fact that he’s spoken for Scarlett just believes she can have him because she’s Scarlett. Gag me with a spoon.

  6. See, I think “Twit” is too nice of a word. I probably would have replaced the “i” with an “a,” but that’s just my vulgar side showing through. I am trying to listen to the podcast but for some reason it is not working (insert sad emoticon here).

    • Listen to the podcast…I believe Meredith says something rather similar when I unleash the “bit of a twit” comment.

      She also stops the conversation in its tracks when i use some vernacular that makes me sound like a southerner just posing as a Canadian.

  7. I don’t understand why people are so harsh on Scarlett and so happy to praise Rhett. If Scarlett was a man people wouldn’t have the same issues with her. Sure she has a whole crapload of issues, and has some despicable traits but she isn’t like that throughout.

    • I don’t think Rhett is a saint by any means. He has his own crapload of issues; he’s a cad; he’s a bit manipulative and underhanded himself. I just think he’s far more interesting — and far less annoying — than Scarlett.

  8. poor scarlet, no one likes her

  9. So I guess she should go and eat worms then, huh Ross? Oh, and M. I just wanted to say that you brought a big smile to my face when you mentioned Waxwork, so thanks bunches for that.

    • Oh, I couldn’t not bring it up — you’re a goldmine of TTC suggestions. Plus, “Waxwork” has become one of my favorite terrible movies, and I had to give props to the man who introduced it to me!

  10. She was a twit.

  11. Heh…”Movie Mouth of Ontario”…how did I not catch THAT before?

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