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Scarlett O’Hara — she was a bit of a twerp, wasn’t she?

This is just one of the many scenes that could have been improved if Mammy had thwacked Scarlett over the head with a broom.

As long as I live, those words will remain my favorite description of the dippy heroine — that’s right, I said it! Go on and revoke my Deep South Membershippin’ Card! — of “Gone with the Wind.” They came from the mouth of Mad Hatter, the Movie Mouth of Ontario and podcaster extraordinaire who is not the least bit concerned with not winning the LAMMY for Best Blog. Hatter kindly asked me to appear as a guest on his award-winning Matineecast a Southern little while — which, Southerners will tell you, is anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 weeks — ago. It took a “wedding” and a “road trip” (possibly both imaginary) and a whole mess of e-mailing, but Hatter and I got our acts together and finally recorded the episode. So if you’re just pantin’ to hear us prattle on about “Inception,” rant about one particularly uppity New York Press film critic and explore our mutual distaste for “Gone with the Wind,” visit Hatter’s blog to hear Matineecast Episode 17.