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My thought on today

5 Responses

  1. More Bogart. 🙂 Very nice.

  2. I hear the cure is watching Casablanca dubbed in Spanish. Takes the lure of Bogey right off.

  3. Did she deserve it?
    Reminds me of a great joke… that is in very bad taste:
    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing… you all ready told her twice!
    haha… can’t say I agree with the logic but the joke is very funny.

    • Weird, but you hit on the one bad taste joke out of the bad taste jokes in the world I’ve never liked. I believe comedy shouldn’t be censored and I try not to be uppity or self-righteous; still, there’s just something about violence against women I never found very comical. Maybe it comes from knowing too many women who put up with abusive boyfriends/husbands.

      Wow, look at me, being Susie Serious and killing the mood.

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