I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Before I set about fixing this system movie review backup I’m experiencing, here are a few blog events I participated in over the vacation:

Frank, the Pompous Film Snob his ownself, hosted a Pick+Describe Your Favorite Film Trailer event, and yours truly picked “Pulp Fiction.” Find the multi-blogger post here.

Marshall of Marshall and the Movies fame recently sent out a questionnaire to movie bloggers galore to uncover the skinny on why we do all the work we do (answer: it sure ain’t the pay). If you’ve got a hankerin’ to read my pearls of wisdom (ha!), go here.

That’s all she wrote … bring on the reviews!


4 Responses

  1. Love the way Tarantino started the trailer off as Oscar-bait.

    Anyone know what year Pulp Fiction is supposed to take place?

    • I haven’t the foggiest. Every detail seems to point to another era — Mia’s ‘do is very mod and she says things like “don’t be square”; Samuel L. Jackson’s got something like jeri curl happening; Lance the drug dealer has a dated phone (if I remember it right).

  2. Great pick – I do love that trailer. And, in fairness to Oscar bait, it did get a nomination.

  3. Great trailer for a great movie.

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