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My thought on today

8 Responses

  1. I concur…

  2. I missed my shot to see Chloe in theaters, but this week I’m finally getting over the funk my terrible philosophy class put me in and coming out with a number of reviews. I’ve got one for Brian De Palma’s Sisters (a prelude to his big breakthrough Carrie in more ways than one) halfway done, I’m seeing Toy Story 3 in an hour, and then I’ll be getting back to my Godard and Spielberg retrospectives along with finally reviewing a Michelangelo Antonioni film in preparation for getting his Red Desert on Blu-Ray later this week. I’m back, bitches.

    • “Chloe” was great up until the ending, which was completely overwrought and lazy, a real Hollywood end to a very unHollywood film. And holy crap the sex scene with Seyfried and Moore is hot — not because of any wild sexcapades but because of their chemistry. Yowza.

  3. I liked Chloe, it’s great to see Amanda Seyfried doing something other than fluffy rom-com crap. I am also one of the few people who really liked Jennifer’s Body, she totally rocked in that movie, all I can say about it is Megan who?

    Back to the subject of the photo, I loved Girlfight, ten years on I am still waiting for Michelle Rodriguez to live up to the potential she showed there.

  4. This is your yesterday, but my today.

  5. Michelle Rodriguez… now there’s an actress who never really went anywhere, despite being (generally) quite a solid action lady (of which there are, admittedly, quite few). I guess being fired from Lost from drink driving doesn’t do your career any wonders.

    • That’s too bad, really. I kind of liked her — a real tomboy type, but in a menacing and sexy sort of way. If that’s possible.

      • I never found her sexy (not even in an intimidating sort of way), but certainly menacing.

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