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Real-life movie moment

The movie: “Office Space”; dir. by Mike Judge; starring Ron Livingston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Gary Cole, Jennifer Aniston

The moment: Yesterday I went to another office’s going-away party for an employee I freely admit I met once (in my defense, I was very charming and unforgettable that day). There was cake, there was passing of cake and when it got down to the last two people guess who walked away with no sugary baked goods in her stomach?

The correlation: The ratio of people to cake was too big, too big.

(Thanks to Marshall and the Movies for reminding me it’s been eons since my last RLMM.)

16 Responses

  1. But have you seen my stapler?

  2. It may not be an office, but this happens all too often at my work. If food or treats are brought in, you literally see what some of us refer to as “the vultures” spin out of control with their scavenging. It’s a slight disappointment if you’ve been looking forward to a little cookie or cake.

  3. I know; what is with people and office parties? You’d swear they never saw cake before…

    • @ Hatter — I had to hide it from Lumbergh. It’s in the pull-out drawer under my keyboard, way in the back.

      @ Heather — It’s the same way in my office. When I want to get rid of candy or cookies or whatever, I put it on the break room table. You’d be amazed the crap one can put on that table that will get eaten — even stale pretzels once!

      @ Olive — People lose all sense of decorum around baked goods.

      • Oh eww. That is so TRUE. My brother has an awful sweet tooth and had literally a huge BAG of junkfood that he’d had since Halloween and Christmas. He gave it to me (Why? I dunno), and my plan was to get rid of it. I set the bag down in the break room. Not an hour passed and it was empty. Even the blasted Candy Canes. It’s damn shocking is what it is. 🙂

  4. Oh no! That’s horrible 😦 Next, you are not going to see your paychecks anymore. Then you will know it’s time to burn the office 🙂

  5. OMG, you’ve been Miltoned. You poor thing. I wouldn’t feel too bad. You barely knew the person going away, but I guess some sugary would be nice. At least some frosting.

  6. When I worked at a library there was cake for every occassion. I would tell them that I wasn’t interesed and they would act like I just told them I killed their kittens.

  7. I’m not a fan of cake but if this woulda been pie… people woulda got hurt!

  8. If I ever lived in Office Space, I’d kill myself.

    I’d rather live in The Road. There’s more hope.

    • @ Fitz – That sounds like Elaine’s situation on “Seinfeld” with all the parties and the cake. I’m totally stealing the kittens line.

      @ Kai – I thought you didn’t eat sweets. Changin’ your story, I see!

      @ Simon/Ripley – The sad thing is you’re probably right. Cubicleville is depressing as shit.

      • How dare you question my integrity! 🙂
        I really don’t but never say never… although, I never eat cake… I’ve had a slice or two of pie… a far superior product!

  9. Glad I can help you reach maximum potential!

  10. We don’t get cake. We can’t even eat at our desks. And woe betide you if you have your coat on teh back of your chair…

  11. […] Random Factoid #342 5 07 2010 Another Real Life Movie Moment, a factoid-type I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for that darned “M. Carter at the Movies.” […]

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