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My thought on today

10 Responses

  1. Who are you relating to? The Renee Zellwegger or the cardboard cut-out?

  2. Strange, strange movie.

  3. I liked it…Renee is great. It reminded me a little of the little-seen John Candy flick Delirious but darker and much more interesting.

    • @ Fandango — Today I feel more like the cutout.

      @ Fitz + Dan — I thought I hated “Nurse Betty” the first time I saw it, but I was younger and dumber then. Once I watched it again I appreciated the darkness of the comedy and saw how sad the story really is.

  4. I loved this movie when I saw it in the theater. It had to be a secret love, though, as the scalping scene alone was enough to traumatize my girlfriend at the time. I watched it about five months ago and found that I still thought it was most excellent., in that perfect uncomfortable way seen mostly in soap operas and Lifetime movies.

  5. I would carry Greg Kinnear away with me if I could.

    • @ Unruly — The scalping scene stayed with me a long, long time after the movie ended. But a year later I watched it again and it made me chuckle. Amazing how sick a mind can get in a year.

      @ Darren — I would, but only if he’s wearing his Captain Amazing uniform.

  6. Why do these always feel like you need a man in your life, M.? You want me to start thumbing thru my single friends? 🙂

  7. it’s an odd film, this one, isn’t it…almost schizophrenic, certainly disturbing.

  8. Damn, I loved Nurse Betty, haven’t seen it since it came out though. Only thing I remember is Kinnear going off on Renee at the end on the TV set, some grip tells him to leave her alone and Kinnear says something like, “Shut up! You’re a grip! Go…grip something!”

    So good, been a while since LaBute has done anything this solid. Some day…

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