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One to Watch: “The Expendables”

Probably the best we can hope for, in a movie like “The Expendables,” with Stallone directing and starring (he’s kind of a Streisand), is a few tongue-in-cheek lines and wagonloads of burnt-crispy stuff (and bodies!).

But as long as it blows up awesome, who cares?

15 Responses

  1. Yup, this is gonna kick ass. Just hoping that it’s somewhere along the lines of the latest Rambo, then we’ll be all set.

  2. Oooo…sposions…

  3. I can’t wait for this one. Good or bad, it will definitely qualify for TTC!

  4. Looking forward to this, why talk when you can blow shit up?

  5. Become a fan of the Expendables facebook page! Watch the trailer, check out movie stills and read about the cast – http://www.facebook.com/expendablesmovie

  6. I’m still surprised that Stallone was able to get this cast, talk about an action fan’s dream!

  7. I am so wet for this film!!! The full cast list just makes me cream, every single time I see it.

  8. It has to have the most testosterone-driven casting in the history of film. God, I feel manly just watching it.

    And the “It’s not easy being your friend” line suggests there may be a rich nougat core of bromance with our serving. This is going to be soooo good.

  9. if i had to name one chick who liked seeing shit blown up i would submit ‘M “I wanna see shit blown up” Carter’

    • @ Aiden — That “Rambo” was the best after “First Blood” because I think Stallone was smart enough to realize he blew his plot wad with the original and he shouldn’t bother with “stories” anymore. Blowing people to smithereens was waaaaaaaaay better.

      @ Waxwork — I think this one might just be terrific, period. 🙂

      @ Castor — That’s the problem with 99% of chick flicks: too much yacking, not enough exploding!

      @ Simon/Ripley + PFR — I think you both are having the same reaction to this film, only PFR put it more … indelicately.

      @ Darren — “Rich nougat core of bromance” … Shakespeare’s kicking himself for not coming up with that phrase first.

      @ McG — If I can’t have a nice character study, I’ll take Shit Blows Up for $800, Alex.

  10. To use a line from Smokin’ Aces (one of the few things enjoyable from it) “they’re going to pour boxes of bullets” into this movie…and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Sure I’m getting my hopes up but after pining for this over the last 16 months, there’s no turning back now…

  11. Forget the chicks going to see SATC2 on girl dates. I vote we should meet in the middle and check this one out together. Damn driving distance and mountains!

    (I actually have no idea where you live, but I threw mountains in there for dramatic effect.)

  12. Stallone by himself wiping out hordes of bad guys and causing them to leave this world in a red and sticky manner is worth the price of admission, but when you throw in almost every single great action star of both past and present, well, I’ll take three.

    • @ Marc — I think I’ve been waiting for “The Expendables” for almost TWO YEARS now. Let’s just hope it’s not another “Alice in Wonderland” situation.

      @ Heather — I’m in South Carolina, which is a bit of hike … but for “The Expendables” and your company, I’d make the hike!

      @ Andrew — Stallone is very good at “wiping out hordes of bad guys and causing them to leave this world in a red and sticky manner.”

      • Haven’t seen Alice, but I usually agree with whatever you say…so yes, I too hope it’s better:P

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