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Pony ’em up

The fuel powering good ideas (and bad ones too).

Corporate types want you to think that good ideas come from brainstorming, diligent note-taking, focus groups and strategic meetings.

In the real world, they come from alcohol.

OK, maybe that’s not always true. (I seem to remember shaving off my arm hair once after too many Jägerbombs.) But take this little blog, cooked up by Unrulytravllr after a few pints in a Czech pub and a rewatch of “Waxwork II: Lost in Time,” the worst sequel ever made. Terrifically Terrible Cinema, which an amazing number of readers have embraced, got its start after a viewing of that ’80s masterpiece of cheese “Over the Top” and some ghetto screwdrivers (I ran out of orange juice, so orange soda got moved to varsity).

But good ideas need support to keep going, so now I’m asking (tasking?) bloggers and readers for more TTC suggestions. Send me your dreadfully delightful, your wonderfully weird and terrifically terrible ideas — any so-bad-it’s-awesome movie you think deserves TTC treatment. Let ’em rip.

18 Responses

  1. One vote for “The Stupids” with Tom Arnold!! That movie is so great it’s horrible.

  2. “Plam 9 from outer space” obviously comes to mind, but there are pleny of others on imdb bottom 100 list :

    How about Glitter with Mariah Carey? ( :

    I hated “The Life Aquatic “, but some loved it

    It’s difficult ro remember, I try and avoid/forget them!

  3. Worst movie of all time (and this is not one of those Ha-Ha-this-is-so-bad-its-fun-Ed-Wood type of movies, but just a terrible terrible movie) Chasing Dreams. A movie that I refuse–REFUSE!–to watch again

  4. The Wicker Man remake is certainly up there, just to see a crazy Nicolas Cage and completely nonsensical plot.

    And of course there are the MST3K classics of Space Mutiny and Manos: The Hands of Fate. Both definitely recommended, with or without the commentary.

  5. There is a silly horror/sci-fi movie starring Kim Cattrall and Rutger Hauer that is called “Split Second,” that would probably fit TTC perfectly. Oh, and vodka and orange soda sounds like a winning combination. And I just wanted to also say, thanks for the plug and I love the shout out to PBR. Proper!

  6. Or Beastmaster. Yeah, that one is terribly terrific.

  7. Last one: “Six String Samurai.”

  8. If you get a chance, try Hell Ride, and wait for the ‘fire’ speech. Toe-cringing stuff.

    • @ Moviesandsong — How did I forget about “Glitter”?!?

      @ S/R, Alex — Great suggestions, and that’s not the first time I’ve heard someone say how awful “Wicker Man” is.

      @ Unrulytravllr — Kim Cattrall in a horror/sci-fi movie? This I gotta see.

  9. Oh, and don’t forget “Big Trouble in Little China.” Kurt Russel, Kim Cattrall, and oriental mysticism all directed by John Carpenter. It might just be the definition of “so bad it’s good,” especially because of Jack Burton and The Pork Chop Express!

    • It’s in the list. You keep giving me suggestions, I’ll keep sending you peanut butter.

  10. D NOT disparage big trubs

  11. DO NOT disparage Big Trubs

  12. @ unrulytravllerI:
    I disagree about Big Trouble in Little China, to me it’s nostalgic and tongue n cheek 80s movie. Classic lines like “I was born ready” ( :

  13. It is nostalgic and tongue in cheek, but it is super cheesy and in no way can be taken seriously. Just because it’s campy (intentionally so) doesn’t mean that it can’t be terribly terrific. And for the record, I am not disparaging it. I thought the point of TTC was to find movies that are so bad they’re great (but I could be wrong about that, it’s not my site, after all), and to me that is what “Big Trubs” is all about. If the category happened to be “Terrible Cinema” then there is no way in David Lopan’s Chinese Hell that I would have suggested it.

  14. So we are in agreement: Big Trouble in Little China roolz azz, but there is a little confusion on just what kind of movie is defined as Terrific and Terrible.


    • OK, time to play mediator!

      Yes, TTC is all about so-bad-they’re-good movies. Since I haven’t set forth boundaries or rules of any sort, I usually go by gut instinct. But if there’s a gun to my head, I guess these are things I’d say that separate a TTC movie from just a bad movie:

      a) There’s loads of cheese and/or camp and/or stupidity, and it appears to be intentional. If it’s unintentional and it’s hysterically funny, it’s still fodder for TTC.
      b) The actors are good-humored about the material (i.e., they seem to be in on the joke) and they have fun.
      c) The film in question contains no “brilliant moments,” no flashes of great insight or real talent or skill; the cheese/camp is consistent throughout.
      d) There is an abundance of comically bad costuming or set design. (“Spacehunter” is a stellar example of this.)

      Like I said, it’s kind of hard to put a gut instinct about a movie into words. One viewer’s TTC is another viewer’s why-did-I-watch-this-trash? film.

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