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Pony ’em up

The fuel powering good ideas (and bad ones too).

Corporate types want you to think that good ideas come from brainstorming, diligent note-taking, focus groups and strategic meetings.

In the real world, they come from alcohol.

OK, maybe that’s not always true. (I seem to remember shaving off my arm hair once after too many Jägerbombs.) But take this little blog, cooked up by Unrulytravllr after a few pints in a Czech pub and a rewatch of “Waxwork II: Lost in Time,” the worst sequel ever made. Terrifically Terrible Cinema, which an amazing number of readers have embraced, got its start after a viewing of that ’80s masterpiece of cheese “Over the Top” and some ghetto screwdrivers (I ran out of orange juice, so orange soda got moved to varsity).

But good ideas need support to keep going, so now I’m asking (tasking?) bloggers and readers for more TTC suggestions. Send me your dreadfully delightful, your wonderfully weird and terrifically terrible ideas — any so-bad-it’s-awesome movie you think deserves TTC treatment. Let ’em rip.