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Best Post Blog-a-thon

Almost four days late and a blog post short — it’s the story of my life, people.

My sincerest apologies for forgetting to click “schedule” on this post, supposed to go out Saturday in accordance with He Shot Cyrus’ Best Post Blog-a-thon. Mea culpa or mea dodoheaded-a? These days, it’s hard to tell.

So mosey on over to this lovely blog to see all the most excellent submissions of my fellow bloggers, and maybe stick around to show some love (or hate) to my pick, my review of “Jindabyne” — selected because I’m of the ilk that believe a movie starring Laura Linney AND Gabriel Byrne is one everyone must see, and rightthishotsecond.

I coulda been a contende– no, wait, I am one!

The truth is I had to restrain — I’m talking duct-tape-on-the-lips, strapped-to-a-chair levels of restraint — the urge to let slip that time-honored ode to Sally Fields’ Oscar speech. But since I imagine roughly 81,236 people have used this already or thought about it, I went with “On the Waterfront.” Because one simply can’t go wrong with a quote from “On the Waterfront.” Mind that rule — it will see you through the tidal waves of everyday life.

The Productivity Machine has got all my parts workin’ overtime today, so I wanted to craft a brief post to say a big, fat, jubilant “YOU ROCK!” to the people who put fingers to keyboards and typed “M. Carter @ the Movies” in not one but four categories — Best Movie Reviewer (I’m getting choked up), Braniac Award (Holy crap, I fooled these people into thinking I was smart!), Best New LAMB and Best Blog (here come the tears).

Considering I started this blog as a way to get my review fix after leaving the newspaper world, I’m beyond ecstatic. And yes, I know everyone says “aw, golly gee it’s just an honor to be nominated,” but when I say it I really mean it. Because when you get to pour your heart and soul and free time into something you love and people recognize that? I daresay there’s no better feeling on Earth than that one.

So to any and every cinephile who nominated this blog, reads it often, or even just stopped by once and thought “eh, it’s kinda cool,” thanks. If you lived closer I’d hug you, but for now let’s leave it at “hug you with words.”

To all the fellow bloggers nominated, this is VINDICATION for all the times we nerded out in normal conversation when someone mentioned “Casablanca” or Nathan Fillion or “Dr. Strangelove.” Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but damn is it sweet.

And to movies, good and bad and especially those terrifically terrible.