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The seventh time tends to get a little … sick

This is the face of a man you do not want to meet in a dark alley. Or a well-lit Bed Bath and Beyond.

In regular clothing, Jackie Earle Haley is freaky enough that you wonder about him — mostly about if you could bust through the top of the elevator, alien-style, should you find yourself caught in there with him. Alone. Surely he’s the nicest guy, probably loves puppies and kittens and rainbows, but admit it: The man can conjure such frightful menace the only way you want to be in a room alone with him is if you have a fully-loaded Uzi. With back-up ammo.

And maybe an atom bomb for good measure.

So naturally the thought of him as Freddy Kreuger is wet-my-new-pants scary. My appreciation for his talents — extolled way back in July 2009 — leads me to think his performance as Kreuger in Samuel Bayer’s 2010 “Nightmare on Elm Street” will not let anyone down, and even might surprise more than a few Robert Englund devotees who swear the part can’t be played by anyone else. Couple that Jackie Earle Haley love with a positive review of his performance from my source for all things horror, Will at The Film Reel, and I’m still stoked. Perhaps it helps that unlike many cinephiles out there, I’ve just begun embracing the horror genre and I’ve only seen the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” (yeeeeeaaaars ago) and 2003’s gloriously terrible “Freddy vs. Jason,” so there’s little basis for comparison. Sometimes, when it comes to remakes, I consider that a very good thing.

And thus the countdown begins. Freddy’s back, and this time he’s not about to let Jason have all the fun.


8 Responses

  1. Personally I’m more frightened in Bed Bath and Beyond than I am in a dark alley, so I’d twist that analogy to personally suit me.

    I didn’t have a huge interest in seeing this, and not being a horror aficionado I didn’t think I’d appreciate it or not appreciate it properly.

    However this last week has fully perked my interest. I definitely want to give it a see.

    But not alone. Oh why oh why are you far away M?

    • I am by no means a horror buff, but I am a Jackie Earle Haley buff. That’s what’ll get me A.I.S. (A** in Seat) tonight. Sad thing is I WILL be seeing this alone because I can’t convince anyone to go with me. Oh well. I hear sleeping’s overrated.

      On second thought, I’ll have my pilot gas up the jet. If I fake sick and cut out of work early, I can be in Detroit by 7. What say you? 🙂

  2. Haley makes the movie. I still didn’t dig the makeup job for Freddy, sometimes he looks cool and others he doesn’t.

    A lot of people have also been bashing the CG and I can see their point on a couple of moments but they are so small that I can’t believe anyone would be bothered by it.

    I think this flick will bring a new slew of Nightmare movies and I can’t wait to see more!


    I think this movie will, as always, miss the point of the original, and rely on notoriety, cheap jump shots, and gratuitiously PG-13 nudity.

    • If you click the “Freddy v. Jason” link, you’ll see I praised the movie to no end in my TTC series. It’s awesomely bad.

  4. Haley was great in The Watchmen, probably one of the best things about that movie. His face is covered most of the time but still that’s a powerful & sinister performance.

  5. Loved Freddy vs. Jason. Cinematic masterpiece.

    I’m seeing the new A Nightmare on Elm Street tomorrow and I’m hoping that they haven’t gone some horrible new direction like the folks did with Friday the 13th in 2009. What an absolute waste of time… I was happy with the way Jason X brought the franchise – Jason in Space… Genius!.

    I shall report back on Nightmare after seeing it then reading your review!

    To relate to this article though, I’m looking forward to Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy. I was unimpressed with the re-casting of Kane Hodder but I liked Jackie in Watchmen and as long as Robert Englund is happy with him, I’m happy about it 🙂

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