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My thought on today

15 Responses

  1. Well I’ll interpret it like this: you’re feeling like the best performance Will Ferrell has given.

  2. “When I was a young boy / my mother said to me
    There’s only one girl for you in the world
    But she probably live in Tahiti…

  3. *Hmmmm, I wonder if playing a guitar would make me kewl?*

  4. I loved Stranger than Fiction!!!!!!!! Such an underrated movie.

    • I was just wondering where that scene is as it looks so familiar. Awesome Castor, I LOVE that movie, too! It’s in my Top 25 of the Decade list. Easily my fave Will Ferrell movie, maybe ‘cuz Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal is in it.

      So, are you buying an electric guitar, Meredith? 🙂

  5. Stranger Than Fiction is pretentious, nowhere-near-as-clever-as-it-thinks-it-is drivel. from the man who gave us Quantum Of Shite (I did cry at the end of Finding Neverland though)
    again though M Carter youre weirding me out – i am actually in the process of thinking about buying a guitar

    • @ Mad Hatter — Best love song ever written aside from Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” and “Angel Dream” Period.

      @ Castor — So right about that. I just realized that I forgot to put it in my Top 100. Der.

      @ McG — I can read your mind, McG, but I will not reveal its twisted innerworkings. Because the world just isn’t ready. Also, I think you confused “pretentious” with “kick-ass” again. Oh you.

  6. One of my favorites! That movie also turned me onto the band Spoon, which is reason enough to love it all by itself.

  7. Does anyone else consider this a romance film in the vein of Eternal Sunshine, Lars and the Real Girl, etc ?

    • @ ditty1013 — I wonder how many people fell for Spoon after seeing this movie. I was already a fan — their song “I Turn My Camera On” appeared in an episode of “Veronica Mars” and I was hooked right then — but the band was a killer match for the soundtrack and the tone of the movie.

      @ Fitz — “Stranger Than Fiction” absolutely deserves to be tagged as one of those romantic comedies that does something cool and different. Much like “Eternal Sunshine,” there’s enough comedy going on that the romance sneaks up on you. But once it does it just works its way in your heart and won’t leave. Least that’s what it did to me.

  8. Carter.. youre a Petty fan? and a Wildflowers fan at that? if youre not careful I might one day end up agreeing with you about movies too
    You were so cool
    Back in high school
    What happened?

    • Tom Petty = Life. “Wildflowers” was by far his best album … behind “Damn the Torpedoes,” of course, which is probably the best rock album ever.

  9. Yep, Stranger Than Fiction was a movie that should have been much better than it actually was.

    That’s all I want to say on it.

  10. Great movie. Such an fun, optimistic film. I know a lot of people wanted a “darker” ending, but I was fine with the ending given.

    • Agreed. Usually I want the more realistic, less happy-go-lucky ending, but I was rooting for Harold and Anna and so this was one time the kisses-and-sunshine end worked for me!

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