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C’est moi (in 10 movie facts)

Everyone’s friendly neighborhood Kaiderman and the ever-contemplative and sage Darren seem to have tagged me in the latest meme scuttling across the floor of our movie blogging underworld. And while I am duly honored, I do feel somewhat undeserving.

Mostly because I confess that I had no idea what the word “meme” meant.

And to think you call yourself an "English major"!

Then Merriam-Webster online came to the rescue and I tossed away that unsightly dumb-dumb cap and prepared to share 10 movie-related factoids about me:

  1. “Gremlins” the movie scared me so badly I slept with my bedroom light on for a year. I’ve never seen the movie again, and throughout the Furbies craze I couldn’t pass one of those critters without shuddering.
  2. The first movie I ever reviewed — for my high school newspaper, The Voice — was “Romeo + Juliet.” I gave it an “A.” Oh, to be that young and swoony and stupid again.
  3. When we were 13, my cousin Katie and I decided to turn “Seaquest DSV” into a movie, wrote the script and sent it to NBC. Our talent so stunned them they were rendered totally incapable of writing back.
  4. My friends call me The Walking Imdb because I can name a movie or an actor or a director with almost nothing to go on (my personal best: “that singer chick in that chick movie with the house” = “Foxfire”).
  5. I go through random periods of mania where I get obsessed with a film and watch it until I have it memorized. Right now I’m stuck on “Casablanca.” Gin joints and hills of beans and all that.
  6. I used to review movies for a small-town newspaper. The editors ran a mugshot with my column, and before long people started coming up to me in the grocery store/Walmart/the liquor store and say, “Hey, you’re that Movie Girl, aren’t you?”
  7. My affinity for Mel Brooks comes from my parents, with whom I watch “Blazing Saddles” approximately 42 times per year.  It’s a bonding thing.
  8. I haven’t found an eligible man yet who wasn’t disturbed by my preference for action films over chick flicks. (If you know any in the Carolinas, send them my URL.)
  9. When I visited Boston a year ago, I jogged through the Common pretending I was Billy Costigan in “The Departed.” The homeless people looked at me funny.
  10. The idea and the name for M. Carter @ the Movies came from my friend Jason, who needs to start his own blog. If the world can handle Two Girls One Cup, man, they can handle A Dick on Flicks.

And now, because this is a meme (see, Darren, I used the word properly!) that is akin to the Dread Cheese Touch, I must appoint five more fellow bloggers to tell their stories in 10 movie facts. They are:

36 Responses

  1. 8. well, in your defense, it’s easier for an action movie to be at least watchable than it is for romantic comedies. when they’re bad, they’re REALLY bad. at least with action movies you can sit back and watch things blow up real good.

  2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today. Here’s a quick excerptEveryone’s friendly neighborhood Kaiderman and the ever-contemplative and sage Darren seem to have tagged me in the latest meme scuttling across the floor of our movie blogging underworld. And while I am duly honored, I do feel somewhat … […]

  3. Aw, you’re growing into a Real Internet Person now that you have discovered the “meme”.

    Cool facts! I’m considered a “walking imdb” by some friends as well, which I find terrifying because what if I don’t know something? Maybe they won’t hang out with me anymore! Also that’s awesome you were published in a paper and subsequently recognized about town!

    Now, please excuse me while I whip this out.

    • Yep. I referred to myself as a W-list celebrity … because nobody knew my name, just my face. Probably any letter in the latter half of the alphabet would do, though.

  4. Wow Mer, #4 is quite a feat. But I like the last line of #3…hahahaha so funny:)

    Oh and I’ll get right on this blogging chain mail incarnate…I mean, this decidedly clever idea. Thanks for the nod:)

  5. 4–who’s the singer chick in Foxfire?

  6. […] 19, 2010 by nothatwasacompliment Well, I got tagged by Aiden and M. Carter in a Meme sort of thingy, so here goes.  10 movie related facts about yours […]

  7. Hey thanks M, though Castor is becoming ever more up-to-date when it comes to movie news these days, though I can say mine is more … um, elaborate? High five on #4, a friend of mine was saying that about me just over brunch yesterday!

    On #8, why would you ever want to be with a man who’d rather have you watch chick flicks anyway? I consider my hubby VERY lucky in that I’d never drag him to see something like Valentine’s Day, but I can never shut up about Inception or Iron Man. I did insist that he went to see P.S. I Love You, but he & another guy friend actually enjoyed it, though they’d never admit it publicly 🙂

    • Oh my soul you’re right, Ruth — I’ve been dating the wrong men!

    • My omniscient self detected this message and I came to say Thanks Ruth!

    • Amen on that. I’ve been lucky to date women who generally aren’t too romantic-movie focused. Last chick flick I got dragged to was the surprisingly passable 13 Going On 30, which featured an awesome dance scene and Mark Ruffalo. My better half is very patient with movies, but does have a certain threshold with dumb action films. Looks like I’ll be bringing a male companion to The Expendibles.

      • I’m not a man, but I’ll go. I mean, Jet Li, Rambo and Jason Statham? I’m there!

  8. When I worked at a library I once had to identify a film with, “the blond guy in the desert”, I correctly guessed Shanghai Noon.

  9. I reckon you should send the script to NBC again – I know I would watch a Seaquest DSV movie!

    • Sad thing is I’m not sure if we still HAVE the script — I think we wrote that thing about five computers ago! 😦 I’ve often wondered what happened to it. Probably it got thrown in the trash … ’cause this was before recycling was “vogue.”

  10. I’ve never seen Gremlins, but my mother has like ten of those hideous furbies (don’t ask) I should probably send them to you…

    I was called the walking dictionary in school.

    • I remember those. My sister had more that few. I still have a battery-less (probably dead) Gizmo in my stuff somewhere. I also have an equally lifeless ET model from grandad. It’s quiet cool when it isn’t making creepy noises.

      • But they TALKED on THEIR OWN and RANDOMLY. I don’t trust any “inanimate object” that does that. I believe it wants to eat my face when I’m sleeping.

  11. I DO #4 WITH MY WIFE LIKE DAILY!!! So, frustrating!!! But she’s hot so what are you going to do? 🙂
    Also, I still don’t know what MEME means.

  12. You will need to find a man who likes chick flicks to complement you!

  13. @mcarteratthemovies Or..maybe they’ve archived in a temperature-controlled room under “T” for “to make” 🙂

  14. […] you may not have known…about me (Meme) First off, I’d like to thank Meredith of M.Carter @ the Movies for getting me included on the latest cine-blogger topic. Here’s my nod to you Mer and as […]

  15. Thanks for the tag and I’ll get off my lazy ass soon and add to this new blogging meme.

    You know, in my house meme is what my kids call their grandmother because she’s french. Even if it’s pronounced differently I can’t help but thinking that every time I read that word.

    Ya know I do the same thing as you do in #5 except it usually relates to merchandise surrounding the films. Lately I’ve been buying anything with Freddy’s face on it.

  16. We are cut from the same cloth. Even my husband Meredith (who would fit soundly into any Kevin Smith film for his dick and fart joke humor or action flick for his manly prowess) doesn’t quite get my obsession with Sci-Fi and action. In fact he prefers family films, which I usually swallow with lumps of vomit in my throat. And he is as pointed out, one of the most typically masculine guys I know.

    I’m happy to know I don’t suffer this fate alone, along with my fear of Gremlins.

    I also occasionally memorize films, but shortly after I forget and then misquote in the most annoying fashion to other movie quoter!

  17. Haha, love the one where you jog through like Billy Costigan, hilarious!

  18. Morning Ma’am, and ain’t it a loooooveeellyyy day?! That’s bizarre, my parents also made me watch Blazin’ Saddles more than was healthy. What’s your favourite gag?

    Post Adjourned!
    (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep my bounds)

  19. Totally with you on number 5 – I do that too! Just leave it in the DVD player, when it finishes straight back to the start again.

    9 – That is just brilliant!!! I bet you looked great doing that! I have always wanted to do the good old Rocky up the steps in Philadelphia haha.

    • @ Heather — On Facebook you said you needed a clone. The “Gremlins” thing makes me wonder if I might be it.

      @ Caz — I’m glad the cheese doesn’t stand alone in what must be an OCD tendency to watch/rewatch certain movies. It depends on my mood. If anyone ever catches me watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” it’s because my dating life is in shambles and I’m depressed. If it’s something like “The Lives of Others,” it’s because humanity has let me down and I must see the small beauty of human interaction to pick me back up. 🙂

      @ PFR — No contest, it’s the “work up a No. 6 on ’em” bit. It’s sick and twisted and wrong, but I know it by heart. Me and my parents use it like code whenever someone acts stupid or who could be improved by hearty “whompin’ and a’thwompin’.” Within in an inch of their life. I can’t say what will happen to the women.

      @ Olive — I looked like a dork, but who cares? All I needed was Anthony Anderson at my side!

  20. Nice one! If your parents were like mine you’ll also have a good working knowledge of Young Frankenstein… Ahhh the joys of Mel Brooks.

    I’m off to do some rape, murder, arson and rape!

  21. […] “Blazing Saddles,” as mentioned in the 10 movie facts post, played an incremental role — however demented — in my development from sullen teen to […]

  22. […] Moi in 10 Movie Facts 14 05 2010 Having recently read M. Carter @ the Movies blog post of the same name, I was inspired to do the same. So here they are in no particular […]

  23. […] off, I’d like to thank Meredith of M.Carter @ the Movies for getting me included on the latest cine-blogger topic. Here’s my nod to you Mer and as […]

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