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Desert Island DVDs set for April 11

Some people will tell you that the real eternal question is some sort of business involving a chicken and an egg and which one came into physical being first.

Drooling morons, the lot of ’em. You shouldn’t associate with such people.

The REAL eternal question, as every cinephile knows, is known as the Desert Island Dilemma: You’re stranded on a desert island with nothing but your wits, a DVD player (maybe Blu-Ray’s in there if you’re hip, or VCR if you’re not) and _____ movies. Which movies, discerning viewer, can you watch for the rest of your natural-born life? Choose wrongly and you could become one of those drooling morons, suffering the unthinkable fate of having to watch “13 Going on 30”* and wishing against wish that that dollhouse could come through the screen so you could break it and ram one of the support beams through your ear. Scary stuff.

But now I’ll be serious: Andy at Fandango Groovers has turned this Desert Island Dilemma into a blog posting event, and he’s still looking for participants. The rules: Choose eight DVDs that, were you to find yourself mystically stranded on a desert island, you could watch forever and ever amen. And post about them on April 11. There are more rules than that, so visit his site to get more information and to let him know you want to participate.

And if you’re curious for a hint about one of my picks, I’ll leave you with this:

Oh yeah. Asses will be kicked, and those names? They’ll be taken directly.

*I actually own this. Yikes.

14 Responses

  1. That pic is from Avatar right? heehee!

  2. Yeah, but right before Ripley pulls the BFK (big f… knife) from out of her leg and goes to town on a jungle cate. No wait…that was Avatar. Seriously, though, Aliens is a classic, but which version–the special addition or the regular?

  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s DVD next Sunday! I already typed up mine, well partly. I need to type up the reason for each movie :/

  4. can I bring the My Two Dads boxset to this island?

    • Only if your island is near my island so you I can borrow it from you!

    • Yeah, that’s a good idea…can I bring all 6 seasons of House M.D. as “one entry” on the list?
      Talk about bending the rules ;^)

  5. Well you are obviously awesome, and that film will obviously be on mine as well.

    Let me predict that you may also have drop dead fred on your list.


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