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My thought on today

11 Responses

  1. Oh come on, how long have you been following my blog now? It “Today, I Feel Like This”

    And yeah, I know I seem to go by many identities…what can I say, creating plausible deniability is a tough racket.

    • I stole the concept from you; it didn’t seem fair to steal the title, too!

      • It’s alright – know why? I stole the concept (title and all) from another blogger nearly a year ago. So turnabout is fair play.

        Just don’t post it on Saturday – that’s my day for it.

        Funny thing though, I’m still doin’ it, and the girl I swiped it from isn’t even blogging anymore. Funny the way these things go, no?

  2. Is anyone else bothered this film is being remade?

    • American television has been stealing British television concepts for decades and no reason to think that the big screen is immune to the plight.

      On the other hand, tven though the original seem so close in our collective memories, it’s not the first time that movies have been remade soon after an original and has been a Hollywood practice since the beginning of films.

      THE MALTESE FALCON (1931), SATAN MET A LADY (1936) and THE MALTESE FALCON (the one that worked in 1941).

      THREE GODFATHERS was made in 1916, 1919 (as MARKED MEN), 1931, 1936 (as HELL’S HEROES), and 1941 (the genuine article IMHO).

      In the 90’s we saw two studios telling the same story between Wyatt Earp (WYATT EARP or TOMBSTONE)and Robin Hood (ROBIN HOOD and ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES) and maybe even THE EXORCIST PREQUEL debacle may leave us wondering why this happens.

      It really doesn’t surprise me that it is being retooled for a different demographic to get more bang for the buck. As much as I really liked the original, I cannot say that I am not curious to see the story retold with Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan.

    • Fitz, you may have opened Pantera’s Box (I’m not an idiot, I promise; that’s a “Zoolander” reference)! When I heard CHRIS ROCK of all people was involved in a remake of this just a FEW YEARS after it came out, I was fairly furious. It makes me even sadder that Peter Dinklage is reprising his role in this second movie, but I guess the man has to eat. There aren’t many roles out there for little people (I hope that’s the PC term now; if not, Peter, don’t hate me because I want to run away with you).

      Which leaves the ultimate question: Why the hell is this being remade? It was a perfectly zany and delightful British film.

      • After hanging out with some friends in my dorm I realized apparently we’re not the demographic for this.

        Everyone else in the room seemed psyched.

      • I can’t help imagining a studio executive showing his mates the British film and then delivering the pitch: “Imagine this… without the accents.”

      • And with more F-words. ‘Cuz you know how Chris Rock loves his F-words.

    • Yep, I think it’s a dumb idea though I did chuckle a bit when the trailer came on tv the other day. There is NO WAY Marsden can even come close to Alan Tudyk’s performance, definitely one of the major highlights of the zany film.

  3. @ Fitz

    I Am! Especially since it only came out a few years ago.

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