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M. Carter at the Movies is taking an oh-so-brief, coupla-days hiatus to celebrate one of most illustrious perks of working for a university … SPRING BREAK, baby!

And don’t feel left out just ’cause you don’t get a Spring Break. Declare Friday Non-Denominational Spring Holiday and join me in Holden Beach. I’ll bring the chips if you bring the beer.

19 Responses

  1. Yay, enjoy your time off! I’m going to San Francisco for my spring break and I’m really excited for it!

  2. Man would I love to lounge like that cute puppy there but I’m stuck with the rugrats for March Break around here. That means I get to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid opening night and then head to a Twilight New Moon release party.

    I can barely contain myself.

  3. I’m going back to work for Spring Break, Damnit! Oh well, had an 8 month vacation… thank you American economy!
    Enjoy yourself, M.!

  4. That dog looks very smug.

    Enjoy the holiday.

  5. You lucky so and so…

    Seriously, enjoy the break.

  6. Muahahah enjoy! I’m doing the same thing and taking a roadtrip to Milwaukee for the NCAA tournament!

    • I resisted the urge to make a “Wayne’s World” reference — specifically, that scene where Alice Cooper explains the genesis of “Milwaukee” — just then.

  7. Spring break? We don’t have that here in the UK, still I get a few days of at Easter in couple of weeks. Enjoy what I am sure is a well earned rest. Alex, I am envious, I spent a long weekend in San Francisco a couple of years ago, really cool place and my favourite of the American cities I have visited. I would love the chance to spend more time there, enjoy.

  8. I won’t be Spring Breaking unfortunately so you enjoy yourself M!!!!!!!!!!! We will miss you!

  9. Have fun! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t haha.

    • That depends. If “tie 13 on at a beach bar that looks like Margaritaville only less pretentious” is on your Don’t Do list, I’m screwed.

  10. aw man, gonna miss reading your stuff

  11. Sorry for the late well-wishing, M, hope you had a nice time wherever you went to. Love your adorably-smug-and-well-accessorized Dachshund!

  12. You know who gets excited for spring break? Fugitives.

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