All this workin’

is seriously, seriously cutting into my blogging time. Boo to work conferences that require hotel stays in such exotic locales as … CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA! And come with the possibility of yet another snowstorm attached.

February was a washout, people, but I have a feeling March will be better. It has to be. I’ve got reviews like a 10-car pile-up on I-95 in here, and the unloading will commence March 3.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending tomorrow in three two-hour sessions about social media and its effects on higher education. Maybe, if I’m really, really lucky, words like “ROI” and “tweetdeck” will have a tryst with that old workhorse “touching base.”

Be jealous.


4 Responses

  1. wow, youre like George Clooney in Up In The Air

  2. A hotel stay in Charlotte, movin’ on up I see.

  3. Don’t forget about the synergy, I’m sure you need toi get your ducks in a row – I mean, you should all be singing from the same hymn sheet, right? Remember to think outside the box and don’t forget to refine the pardigm.

    It’s depressing that since I moved out into the big bad world, I know people who actually talk like that… and not ironically.

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