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An Interweb walkabout

Hello all! I’m interrupting this weekend of sadness — whoever put the “fun” in “funeral” didn’t have all his marbles rolling around — to give a shoutout to Kai B. Parker, new blogger extraordinaire at The List, who was so kind as to ask M. Carter to join a group post about hidden gems. You can read the post here, or click on the photo.

Here’s to hoping I can squeeze in a quick viewing of “Shutter Island” tomorrow…

4 Responses

  1. So glad you joined on. Your piece reads so professional it makes me ashamed of my blogging ability. 🙂
    Just so you know, after I got your piece, my wife said thank God you got a female voice. She loved your section and we are trying to get The Opposite of Sex but it was checked out… (???)

    • Do you use Netflix, by chance? In all the years I’ve been using it, I’ve only stumped it ONCE. I’d tell you it’s worth buying, but I’m not sure how much you like black comedies…

  2. I don’t use Netflix. I go to Hollywood Video. They actually have a great selection. I have a new Blu-Ray that streams Netflix but haven’t got the Wi-Fi thing for it yet. As far as Black Comedies, I like alot of them. My wife LOVES them. Her favorite is Welcome to the Dollhouse and she also loves Wes Anderson stuff. She’s really excited about Gentlemen Broncos and Noah Baumbauch’s new on. She liked that pick and said we’re seeing that!

  3. It’s funny, too, she loves dark, dry humor but hates Chevy Chase and Bill Murray… SINFUL! 🙂

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