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Snow dayz

Once again, Mother Nature has conspired to ruin my plans to see not one, not two, but THREE Oscar contenders — “Crazy Heart,” “An Education” and “A Single Man” — on the cheap.

Being all Southern, of course, “2-3 inches of snow” means “viewers, steal food and hoard gas … if you are a senior citizen, get right with Jesus ’cause you will not make it through this storm.” And don’t even think of going to buy milk 10 minutes into The Storm — grocery stores everywhere are out. On account of The Storm, see.

But that thundersnow*, it may be able to take away my movie films now, but it can’t take away my Netflix. I’ve had a chance to catch up on: “The Hurt Locker,” “Bright Star” and “Boyz N the Hood.” Reviews are forthcoming, as is a to-the-death battle for the 2007 Oscar M. Carter is throwing her dukes into (more about that later…).

In the meantime, I’m gonna hunker down and stare all wide-eyed and wonderment-like at this white stuff covering the hood of my car.

That’s all us Deep Southerners can do in A Storm like this.

*I can’t prove it yet, but The Weather Channel totally made up that word.


13 Responses

  1. Wow. Like you, I have been snowed in (the snowfall in the DFW area rivals that I experienced when stationed in West Germany, oops I’m dating myself) and left to pick up a few strays, “The Killing Room” (interesting), A Serious Man (I’m a Coen Fan but must admit this one left me scratching my head) and finally “Stir Of Echoes” (one of my favorite writers and one of my favorite actors, no way to go wrong with this one. Hope your Thundersnow, doesn’t result in loss of power or you are really up a creek.

    • Now power loss amazingly, but you know us Southern folk stocked up on batteries and flashlights and kerosene lanterns like it was hurricane season! I have to laugh … otherwise I’d be shaking my head in abject disbelief.

  2. Ugh. Hate the weather, I really want to know what you think of An Education, though I getting less and less hopeful that you’ll like it.

    PS. Did you ever review The Lovely Bones? Did you hate it very much?

    • I didn’t get to see “An Education” in theaters, so now I’m waiting for its release on DVD. And you might be surprised by my reaction — I’m a big fan of understated movies in general, particularly if they’re British. Plus, this one has Alfred Molina, whom I love, as well as Peter Sarsgaard, another favorite of mine!

  3. You should see Minneapolis… The pile of snow on the front yard is 10 ft high!!! We are literally running out of place to pile snow

    • Yes, I’m painfully aware that all Minnesota/Michigan/Chicago folk are laughing heartily at our Southern snow freakout. The grocery stores were CLEANED OUT of milk, bread, bananas and Spaghetti-Os. I wish I was joking!

  4. It’s about 70 degrees and sunny here in Cali. Sorry, M. Of course, it will be 105 in about 4 months so we all suffer at some point. Anyhow, cuddle up, have some Cocoa and watch as many flix as you can!

  5. We had a power outage with 2 minutes left in the Vikings/ Saints game. Such a nightmare… Favre driving down the field in a tied game. We rummaged through the house and found a small flashlight with low batteries and one tea light candle. The funny thing is how your brain reacts. We needed light and I said the dumbest stuff. Just open the fridge… wait… just turn on my laptop… wait… DOES EVERYTHING THAT GENERATES LIGHT RUN ON ELECTRICITY??? Hilarious!

  6. I live in Texas. I am freezing my tits off here, but it’s not snowing. It sleeted a couple of days ago. It’s going to be below freezing at night. Yay.

    • South Carolina has had its requisite three-four days of snow, so I’m hoping we’re done. The snow itself doesn’t bother me so much as the way everyone reacts to it — namely, like we’re all going to die of starvation and hypothermia.

      Sometimes I think, through some giant cosmic mishap, I was born here and not Boston or Chicago.

    • I was in West Texas a couple of years ago, it was pushing 110 some days (admittedly that was July) its hard to imagine anyone saying they are “freezing my tits off” in Texas!

      Most of our country ground to a halt for a couple of weeks last month over a couple of inches of snow. Norman service has resumed it has rained for the last few days!

  7. Yep, like Castor said, it’s just white everywhere just a couple of days ago in Mpls. But in the morning when all the tree branches was covered with snow, it was sooo beautiful! It looks like a Winter Wonderland seriously, maybe ‘cuz I’m originally from the tropics I have extra appreciation for it. I’ve been living here 16 years and it never failed to move me. Of course when you’re stuck in traffic for hours due to the snow the effect quickly wears off 😦 Still, it’ll take a huge blizzard for us to get a snow day, our plow truckers are too darn efficient!!

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