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Snow dayz

Once again, Mother Nature has conspired to ruin my plans to see not one, not two, but THREE Oscar contenders — “Crazy Heart,” “An Education” and “A Single Man” — on the cheap.

Being all Southern, of course, “2-3 inches of snow” means “viewers, steal food and hoard gas … if you are a senior citizen, get right with Jesus ’cause you will not make it through this storm.” And don’t even think of going to buy milk 10 minutes into The Storm — grocery stores everywhere are out. On account of The Storm, see.

But that thundersnow*, it may be able to take away my movie films now, but it can’t take away my Netflix. I’ve had a chance to catch up on: “The Hurt Locker,” “Bright Star” and “Boyz N the Hood.” Reviews are forthcoming, as is a to-the-death battle for the 2007 Oscar M. Carter is throwing her dukes into (more about that later…).

In the meantime, I’m gonna hunker down and stare all wide-eyed and wonderment-like at this white stuff covering the hood of my car.

That’s all us Deep Southerners can do in A Storm like this.

*I can’t prove it yet, but The Weather Channel totally made up that word.