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Internets, you make my heart full today

Total Film has compiled a list of 600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed, and Vanessa at The Movie Ness wrote a deservedly joyous post about finding her blog listed there. Proud was I, so I wandered over there myself to have a looksee, and lo and behold! I found M. Carter @ the Movies there, along with so many other splendiferous blogs on my blogroll.

If you’re a blogger, check out Total Film and see if you’re listed on there. If not, go and flit about this movie wonderland.

14 Responses

  1. Don’t you just feel that all that movie watching or writing endless reviews worth it? YES!

  2. Woo-hoo! I’m no. 493! 493! 493! 493!

    • I LOVE IT when we hold impromptu meetings of the Mutual Admiration Society! Way to go, Jake and Branden and me and Aiden R. and Vanessa everybody else who made the list!

      • A friend told me that 600 is a big number and I shouldn’t let it go to my head, but I was buying talking on the phone to arrange the creation of solid gold statues of Michael Bay to be flown to my estate daily to be blown up and didn’t hear him so well.

  3. It’s actually more like 599. They were so impressed they put me on the list twice. People keep telling me it’s an admin error but I say it was intentional, ignorance is bliss!

    I’m sure the council is looking into a blue plaque for the side of my house as I type. (I bet this means nothing to anyone outside the UK!)

    • Between you waiting on the plaque, Jake commanding the creation of many gold statues and me getting the link tattooed on my person, we are a busy little bunch.

      • Tattoo of the link, eh? Make sure to get it in a place that receives the most traffic. HI-YOOOOOOOO!

        I’m feeling rakish today. Bartender! Another round of Pulitzers.

      • Wow. You sounded JUSTLIKE Sophia Petrillo from “Golden Girls” … you know, in that episode where Dorothy decides to be a stand-up comedian, no one’s laughing at her jokes and so Sophia goes “HIYOOOOOO!” after everything she says?

  4. I have always confused Golden Girls with Gilmore Girls. I honestly almost responded to that with some sort of reference to Stars Hollow. That’s right, world, I watch Gilmore Girls. Sue me.

    • Both great shows, but “Golden Girls” is the one in Florida with the four women who qualify for AARP and senior citizen discounts. I’ll try very hard to pretend a piece of me didn’t die when you confused the two.

      • Oh, I loves me some Golden Girls. There have never, nor shall there ever be, two people more blisteringly, pants-wettingly funny into middle and late age as Bea Arthur and Betty White. I think Betty should just be Craig Ferguson’s sidekick like Andy Richter is for Conan, because his show, awesome as it is, is never better than when she’s on.

  5. Congratulations on your selection!

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