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No, that wasn’t a full-body dry heave…

…it was a victory dance I created in honor of Christoph “The Jew Hunter” Waltz for taking home a Golden Globe for his crazy-flaming-awesome performance in “Inglourious Basterds”! My faith in humankind has, for the time being, been restored.

Nods go to Meryl Streep and Mo’Nique as well for taking home much-deserved awards, “Up” and the Reitman-Turner deadly duo that created the screenplay for “Up in the Air.”

11 Responses

  1. Hated the Globes, okay not hated but glib about the whole thing; BUT I’m damned if that Scorsese montage didn’t make me tear up. Damn him and his brilliance.

  2. All awards programs are generally useless, but the Golden Globes are the most worthless of all. It’s just an excuse to get actors drunk to get juicy gossip for that freelance bunch of charlatans the HFPA. The only highlights were Mo’Nique and Christoph Waltz winning, the Dexter love, and Martin Scorsese’s incredible speech and just how passionate and involving he is when speaking about film. But I hated that the montage of his films became an ad for Shutter Island, but that’s the Golden Globes (and the Oscars, really) in a nutshell: it’s all about pimping stuff that’s out now as well as creating buzz for the next round of awards ceremonies.

    I was sad though that Ricky Gervais got maybe 4 minutes total of face time, and that includes a three minute opening monologue. His Mel Gibson crack made me gasp as I was laughing.

    • I was so mad that “Avatar” took Best Picture that I almost threw the remote at the TV. But I didn’t because it’s a new remote that goes to a new TV.

  3. The awards were kind of dismal overall, and in a lot of ways disappointing, but it was an interesting night and there were a few well deserving awards received so that made me smile. Christoph Waltz better take home the Oscar as well.

  4. Hey M, I knew you’d be happy that Christoph won (I need to correct the spelling on my blog now), I still got to watch that movie!

    Btw, I picked you for the Kreatif Blogger Award… as you truly are my blogging role model. Your writing style is phenomenal!!

    • When I started this blog, I (really! I mean it!) never dreamed I’d stumble upon a community as helpful, insightful, whip-smart and encouraging as this one! Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading, so the kind words mean much coming from you.

  5. I wasn’t sure Waltz would actually do it, but now it seems destined for him to hold an Oscar in March. There is justice.

    • Not that the Globes matter much (at all really, as Jake pointed out), but yes, Waltz taking the award made my night.

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