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Blingitude; Or, “The City Gets Sexier”

What? The solid-gold angel wings were in the shop?

The stately but classy end of HBO’s “Sex and the City” in 2004 left us devoted fans with lingering questions, the most urgent of which had to do with how us poor normal lady folk could look at shoe porn without, you know, becoming That Weird Lady Who Spends Uncomfortably Long Periods of Time in Payless Pretending She’s Not in Payless.

Four long years later came the film AND a ridiculously glamorous revolving door of outfits.

And now we get the promotional poster for “Sex and the City 2,” due out in May 2010. It’s got sequins. It’s got glitter. It’s got white, flowing fabrics. It’s got what I assume must be accessories — shoes included — made from 79.5-karat gold lovingly created to mold every nonexistent curve of Sarah Jessica Parker’s body? There’s “highly stylized,” and then there’s a visual assault so shiny even Liberace would take a step back and say “too glittery.”

Though I’m a die-hard fan — even tossed about the idea of starting my own column called “Dry Spell in the Country” — the poster and movie stills have me worried that Michael Patrick King will take this “Goddesses of Glam” idea a little too far. What made the 2008 film so great was the way it offered a very real, honest look at the ways female friendships (particularly those that last beyond the teen years and the 20s) empower women and strengthen self-esteem. The movie also offered a certain amount of closure, enough to suggest that our time with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha was over. And that, it seemed, was as it should be.

But there will be another sequel, possibly two, and like most fans of the show I will continue to watch them and (most likely) continue to sing the “Too Much of a Good Thing” blues. In the meantime, though, all we can do is sit back and try not to look directly at the poster. No sense going blind, you know.

8 Responses

  1. I am a massive SATC fan and can totally see your point in the relation to the stills of the movie. But I think I will pretty much love anything that is SATC that is brought out, I still watch the TV show like every night and enjoy it as much as ever. I guess its because we feel like we know the girls and can relate to certain things that they do.

    Also I think you should start your own column!!!

    • I’ll be at “SATC 2,” Caz, and I’ll probably end up liking it more than I think. But I agree with Heather (above) that the series has to be close to running out of things to say at this point. It’s like we get what we think is a great ending … then we get another pretty good ending … what next?

      If I do start my column, twill be called Dry Spell (possibly an “S” on the end of that word) in the Country.

  2. Okay, so I watched the show back when it was on HBO.

    Okay, so I am really a huge fan and avid watcher of the show.

    Okay, so I even take those quizzes to see which character I am, which always comes back “Samantha”, but occasionally Carrie.

    Okay, so I watch the all of the seasons at least once a year, having a week long marathon, while the final episode has me blubbering like a baby while I cheer for BIG to finally get Carrie.

    I loved this show and it still remains prevalent and important to me even now. I was hesitant about the first movie being made, but I also was happy for the closure and really enjoyed the realism of where their relationships were and how their characters evolved.

    As much as I don’t want it to “end”, I’m left wondering what else does the show have to say? Are we eventually going to “Carrie” the tale over time into the Golden years and reinvent that amazing show too?

    I’m cynically waiting for it’s arrival, but I can’t help but hope for some more of the magic. Until then, I remain restrained.

    • Funny you mentioned “Golden years” … I’ve always thought that “Sex and the City” was an update of “Golden Girls.” If you think about it, the characters are pretty similar: Rose = Charlotte; Miranda = Dorothy … you get the picture. Even so, I loved “Sex and the City” for the way it showed how friendships evolve and grow after the 20s. I too don’t know where this second movie can go; the end of the first wrapped everything up so nicely.

  3. I love Sex and the City – the show that is – but had no inclination to go see the movie, and i doubt i will with this either. it just worked so well as a short snippet, dragging it out is pretty pointless (except for making money). the characters just arent that interesting enough

    • Yeah, McG, don’t get started seeing the movies. I don’t want to see the next one, but I have to — maybe because I want to see if it will be as pointless as I suspect.

      I actually thought the first movie — much like “Shrek 2” — did a fine job generating new material out of a series that ended almost perfectly. Surely the ladies can’t be 2 for 2.

  4. I’m probably in the minority but I’ve never been a SATC fan. Saw it a few times when it was on TV, but despite being well-written and funny at times, it’s ”hedonism rules” theme just doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Would you believe I’d agree with you about the whole “hedonism rules” thing? I do, and that aspect of the show always bothered me — how everybody just did whatever (or whomever) they wanted whenever they wanted with little thought to the consequences. That is so far from everything I was taught as a child that it blew my mind at first. Gradually I came to (grudgingly) accept that part of the show and focus on other aspects I liked much better; namely, the friendship Miranda (my favorite character), Charlotte, Samantha and Carrie share through all those failed relationships. For me, that’s the heart of the show, and that’s why I continue to love it.

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