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One to Watch: “Crazy Heart”

Between his fan-friggin’-tastic performance as Obadiah Stone in “Iron Man” and this, consider my opinion of Jeff Bridges totally and unequivocally revised.

10 Responses

  1. Oh no! Did you not like Jeff Bridges?!?! He’s such greatness!!

  2. I recently featured this trailer on my blog. Everybody is saying that he’s the front runner to win the Oscar.

    • I’m hoping against hope that this movie comes to Charlotte — can’t wait to see it!

      • Hopefully before the Oscars at an indie theater perhaps.

      • I found a lamp that looks like Aladdin’s lamp when I was doing some cleaning the other day. Maybe if I rub it very hard and wish very hard a genie will make “Crazy Heart” appear…

  3. I am really excited about seeing this (although I bet the theater in town won’t have this so I’ll probably have to make a run to Memphis) and hope that it is as good as it looks. Glad to hear you changed your opinion on Bridges, he’s one of my favorite actors lately.

    • Don’t know what my problem was with Jeff Bridges. Oh well. I hope what matters is that I appreciate his talent now! He was so good in “Arlington Road,” a very underappreciated film about home-grown terrorism.

      Plus, he’s paired up with Maggie Gyllenhaal — can’t go wrong with that combo. Throw in Robert Duvall and it’s all over for me. I’m there.

  4. But you had to like him in The Big Lebowski, right? Or maybe, that is the one cohen brothers’ movie you do not like. Regardless, I hoe you get your wish and this movie makes it to Charlotte so that you have a chance to experience this master thespian in all his big screen glory.

    • Not liking “The Big Lebowski” is against the law. Or it should be.

      Suddenly it occurs to me that when I was younger I confused Beau Bridges with Jeff Bridges, and maybe I transferred my dislike to the wrong actor. Oops. Because Jeff Bridges was scary as hell in “The Vanishing.” Yep, I’m loony.

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