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Cleaning house (no taking names required)

Happy Nine-Hours-Til-“The Office”-Comes-On Day, readers!

If you’ve been looking at the site, you might have noticed some changes, and you might have thought to yourself: “What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?”

(Sorry. I’ve long passed the point where I want to and can suppress “Blazing Saddles” references. It’s a sickness.)

This site has grown a bit of late, and I’m trying to do a little minor housekeeping — making new categories for reviews of old and new films, archives, etc. — that will make this blog easier to navigate. I hope you’ll bear with me during this wee growth spurt.  

So many thanks to you, illustrious bloggers and skilled Web surfers and thoughtful/philosophical random comment-makers, for stopping in to read my movie scribbles. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

And I swear on the late, great Teutonic Titwillow to try really, really hard to stop all the shameless quote-dropping.


One Response

  1. Just want to tell you thanks for all the great info found on your site, even helped me with my job recently 🙂 keep it up!

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