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Case of the Mondays? I got the cure…

‘Tis Monday, readers, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to drop the unwelcome (and dirty) Iron of Truth: This blog is a blog about movies! Drat. If it wasn’t for those meddling kids, I could have gotten away with …

… sorry about that. Mondays must be a day for bad “Scooby Doo” references and posts about pointing out what is potently obvious. (And alliteration. Clearly.) But the bush I’m flogging here is that although this is a blog about movie films, on occasion I like to fracture tradition and talk about other things. And today’s Other Thing is: The Avett Brothers.

Being a (sort of) writer for a living means that you get to interview people way cooler than you who do things — like opening for Dave Matthews Band and Widespread — way cooler than the things on your to-do list, like chasing down the half-dead chipmunk the cat brought in the kitchen this morning. Last week I got the chance to interview Bob Crawford, a member of the N.C.-based group The Avett Brothers, for a work-related publication. Aside from being a philosophical and all-around funny guy, he’s also very passionate about the music he and the Avett brothers create. His talk about the music inspired me to buy “I and Love and You” and — whoa. I am without words. Oh, wait, I found some: This is stunningly crafted, beautiful, well-written music that defies easy categorization.

So inspired was I that I thought I’d give these guys a shoutout in my little corner of this outpatient mental institution known as the Interweb. If you’re a fan of Wilco or My Morning Jacket or pre-“Gold” Ryan Adams, or simply good music in general, visit their site, sample their music and maybe fork out a few $$$ for “I and Love and You.” You won’t be sorry. 

And if you really just have to have a movie tie-in, how about this: Crawford worked in video/audio for “Remember the Titans.”



We now return to your regularly scheduled movie scribbles…