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One to Watch: “Amelia”

There are times when a movie opens and you don’t expect much fanfare (this happened with “Brothers Bloom”). And then there are times a movie hits theaters and if you pull apart the fabric folds of the universe, hold them up to your ear and listen very, very carefully, you hear the words “Oscar … Oscar … Oscar.”

(Note to all physicists and aeronautical engineers and astronmers: I apologize for this gross perversion of several renowned theories about the universe, including — I think — string theory.)

Denial is futile; it’s clear Mira Nair’s biopic “Amelia” aims for (and probably will be) the second kind of movie. But I have to say that I … don’t care. There is no actress better suited for this epic a role than Hillary Swank. Lightweight romantic comedy and Lifetime films she cannot manage and buxom vixens she cannot play, but a role like this? Where she’s given room to breathe and express and perform? You doubt she can do amazing things as Amelia Earhart, just go back and revisit “Boys Don’t Cry.” Richard Gere I have less faith in, but Swank? I have no doubts she’ll deserve every nomination she gets.

And, really, isn’t it time we applauded her efforts to live down “The Reaping”?


7 Responses

  1. I’ve heard really bad things about “Amelia.” It’s gaining no Oscar traction; Fox Searchlight isn’t giving it any sort of a push; all signs point to a crash and burn.

    I think if Hilary Swank wins 3 Oscars before Meryl Streep, I will have to pull out all my hair and scream.

    • Agreed on that one. She deserved the nomination for “Devil Wears Prada,” and she REALLY deserved the win for “Doubt.” People make jokes about all the noms she gets, but she hasn’t won since the ’80s. She’s fast on her way to becoming the Susan Lucci of Hollywood.

    • I know! Hilary Swank is a gifted actress, but Streep has been passed over so many times it’s sinful.

  2. I really cannot wait for this movie to come out, I love Hilary Swank and of course Richard Gere. I really do think it lookes like its going to be good, but I suppose only time will tell.

    • Truth be told I’m kind of glad Fox Searchlight hasn’t shoved it down our throats with trailers. I’m sure, as Marshall said, it will hurt the movie in the Oscar race. But Hillary Swank will be awesome. It’s as simple as that!

  3. I wouldn’t have given it to her for Doubt. I would have put her performance behind Anne Hathaway, Angelia Jolie and Kate Winslet (for Revelationary Road not for the film she was actually nominated for). The only nomination Meryl Streep has received that I would have given the Oscar for (other than the ones she won obviously) was Adaptation but then I think Chicago is one of the most overrated Oscar winner ever!

    • Ooh … I was with you on Anne Hathaway right up until she had that fight scene with her mother. That was a little melodramatic for my taste, whereas Meryl Streep’s performance was more sinister and subtle. We definitely agree about Kate Winslet — why she was not nominated for her phenomenal work in “Revolutionary Road” baffles me. She was good in “The Reader,” but she wowed me in “Revolutionary Road.”

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