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It is special day in U.S. and A.

because today is the 38th birthday of none other than my very favorite professional teabagger — I mean chameleon! — er, actor — Sacha Baron Cohen!

(The fact that it’s also the day Marie Osmond was born? Pay no attention to that. Besides, if we celebrate her birthday it might make her attempt to smile. Then her face will shatter. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that on my conscience.) 

In honor of this day, take a moment to conjure your favorite memories of Mr. Cohen’s on-screen antics. Here are mine (this is SBC, so do I really have to warn you there’s offensive material in these clips?):

10. Ali G’s interview with Andy Rooney, who’s meaner than Bill Munney and Little Bill Daggett put together.


9. Bruno gets his frat on.


8. Borat learns how to defend against the dreaded “Jew claw.”


7. Aldofo Pirelli: Too sexy for his shaving cream, but not too sexy to lose a fight with Johnny Depp’s razor.


6. Da Ali G takes on the world of dangerous drugs. Respek.


5. Jean Girard turns Ricky Bobby into a frightened baby chipmunk. Who loves crepes.


4. Borat learns a harsh American truth: Women get to choose their sex partners. Is crazy.


3. Ali G talks feminism with Naomi Wolf. Booyakasha.


2. Whatcha gonna do when the Fashion Polizei come for you? Praise Paris Hilton, that’s what.


1. Sacha Baron Cohen is the funniest man alive. We must encourage him. Here’s why.


On this cheerful day, I feel almost certain that the rise of house music and the fall of apartheid? Not a coincidence.

7 Responses

  1. What about the “What is a NOT joke” scene? It’s dumb but funny as hell for it’s simplicity and cultural satire:P

    “That suit , is NOT black!!” lol

  2. Personally, I thought the Daytona Beach clip should have been higher…just because of the kid’s reaction at the end. Great list nonetheless.

    It’s also nice to know there are other original Stepfather fans out there, and you’re a Berardinelli fan to boot? Talk about a gal you can take home to your folks!

    I’ll be checking in often, keep up the good work.


    • That’s me, Joe — the girl every guy should want to take home to his folks but never does. Le sigh.

      Kidding I am. But I do have a fondness for James Berardinelli because he’s just a regular guy who really loves movies — no formal training, you know, or at least I don’t think so. He sees movies the way most people see them; it just so happens he has a discerning palate and a great way with words.

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. I love the scene from “Sweeney Todd” … one of the better scenes in the movie. I’m in a production of it right now and you realize how much Tim Burton messed up the musical.

    • Really? That’s fascinating. I confess I never saw the original musical, but I had a feeling Mr. Burton took some, uh … liberties with it. He is, after all, Tim Burton. If anybody knows how to ratchet up the creep factor, it’s him.

      • Tim Burton took a whole lot of liberties with Sondheim’s brilliant musical, very few of them good. He had to cut a lot of numbers because he cast actors who couldn’t sing (although none had anything on Pierce Brosnan); search “Kiss Me” on YouTube – best number in the show and Burton cut it.

        Ultimately, I think he wanted to tell the story of Sweeney Todd but the musical just kind of chained him down. He didn’t want to sell it as a musical, so he cut the music down to the bare minimum. Which is really a shame because the music is excellent.

        …Sorry, I just finished a performance of “Sweeney Todd” and I’m giddy with joy. It’s better than Christmas.

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