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M. Carter @ the Movies goes on the LAMB…

…if you’ll pardon the pun. On second thought, don’t hand out any pardons! I’m excited, maybe even a little giddy, and in this current state I wholeheartedly support the use of puns.

Eek. I’m more jacked up than a bored Palmetto State teen who just discovered Daddy’s basement meth lab. Best to calm the nerves by moving on to explanations. See, the admins at the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) have been kind enough to enter this little blog-0-mine as entry #349.

It’s not much, maybe, but considering I started this blog for fun and didn’t expect more than a few people to read my meandering thoughts about movies, it feels like a whole, whole lot.

So thanks, everyone, for the comments, the encouragement and even the criticism (you know who you are … “Observe and Report” dude) — all are necessary to this cosmic blogging process.

And also for forgiving me if that sounded a little bit like some half-baked acceptance speech. At least I didn’t go all Sally Field on you.