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Trivia tidbit

What movie starred Angelina Jolie, a Japanese-American fashion model and the lead singer of Rilo Kiley?

7 Responses

  1. I actually know this as I saw the film on late night TV a few years ago. It is called Foxfire (not to be confused with Clint Eastwood and a fighter plane!) This is early Jolie around the same time as Hackers and playing a slightly unhinged young woman, the type of part that won her an Oscar a few years later.

    As I remember it was pretty rubbish!

  2. Impressive. Overall the movie was pretty terrible, but I have a fondness for girl bonding movies. Jolie wasn’t half bad, and I always liked Hedy Burress and Jenny Lewis.

  3. Got to be honest I don’t remember it that well. I just remember Angelina Jolie going a bit Psycho towards the end. I didn’t realise Jenny Lewis was an actress until I saw this. I’m not sure I have seen anything else with Hedy Burns in it. Certainly nothing springs to mind.

    • She was Wyleen Pritchett on “Boston Common” … a show I have an inexplicable fondness for.

  4. I remember this movie, but as well as I can remember it was pretty awful. Can’t say Hackers was much better though. Hahahahaha……..

  5. I immediately thought it was GIA. Hmmm, ‘slightly unhinged young woman’ is pretty much what Jolie is, so I’m guessing she just played herself?

    • Yes, this was part of Angelina’s “unhinged” period — back when I still liked her, before all the hype. The movie isn’t all that great, but on principle I cannot hate a girl gang movie.

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